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World Poopin’ Day 13 March: raising sanitation awareness through social media

World Poopin' Day logo

World Poopin’ Day is a campaign benefiting US NGOs Water.org and GiveLove to raise awareness about sanitation issues, especially in developing countries. It is sponsored by CoTweet, Giveo and mGive.

Water.org and GiveLove are known for their celebrity co-founders, actor Matt Damon and actress Patricia Arquette, respectively.

Supporters can sign up at WorldPoopinDay.com using their Facebook or Twitter account and choose from a selection of five messages expressing support for sanitation issues. The posts will share the hashtag #poopin along with information highlighting the issues and a call to donate.

The campaign, started in mid-January 2011,  is the brainchild of coTweet founder Aaron Gotwalt and is currently running on a team of about 10 people. The goal is to start building a community around sanitation issues and attract larger partners and corporate sponsors in 2012 .

Source: Zachary Sniderman, Mashable, 07 Mar 2011