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Sulabh toilets can help reduce global warming

WASHINGTON: An Indian innovator who plans to promote cheap toilet technology in 50 developing countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East region says his technologies could also help developed nations reduce global warming.

Bindeshwar Pathak, founder of the Sulabh movement, told the World Environment and Water Resources Congress at Providence in Rhode Island last week how his technologies could help achieve the Millennium Development Goal on sanitation to provide toilets to half of the 2.6 billion people who are without toilets by 2015 and to all by 2025.

Only India has been able to make a difference because “no country except India has appropriate, affordable, indigenous and culturally acceptable technology which could replace the need of a sewerage system for the disposal of human waste,” Pathak said in an interview.

Sulabh technologies could also be helpful to developed nations because they reduce global warming and save an enormous quantity of water required for flushing and also to provide bio-fertiliser to use for agricultural purposes, Pathak said.

Pathak said he planned to open Sulabh Sanitation Centres in 50 countries in the next five years and to train the local people and engineers so they can implement the programmes in their own countries.

The process has already begun in Ghana, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Mozambique, Laos, and Cambodia. Besides maintaining more than 7,000 public toilets in India, Sulabh has also built public toilets in Bhutan and Afghanistan.

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India: Strategic tie up with Sulabh International for Hygiene projets in Punjab

CHANDIGARH: Celebrated global social service organisation, Sulabh International, today firmed up a strategic tie-up with the Punjab government for a statewide hygiene programme.

The Sulabh would join up the state government initially for the construction of public & private hygiene units, including improvised, low flush toilets for the rural and the urban poor in three districts (…)

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India: When sanitation workers walked the ramp in national capital

By Lavanya Kumari, New Delhi , June 22 (ANI)

About 30 women, who were long related to scavenging jobs, had an unusual cheer of pride on their faces on Saturday here when they walked the ramp with top Indian models like Carol Gracious, Jessie Randhawa and Nethra Raghuraman.

The event Mission SanitationFashion Fiesta’08 is being jointly promoted by the United Nations NGOIRENE Network and Sulabh International Social Service Organisation for the High Level Segment of ECOSOC in observance of the International Year of Sanitation’ 08.

(…) On Saturday, these women were overjoyed to receive so much admiration of one and all for their newly found talents. “We maintain a proper hygiene and are treated well by all. These people serve us tea. We are happy to be here (part of the rehabilitation program),” said Sushila Chauhan, one of the sanitation workers, who is today a part of the rehabilitation program. There are thousands of women associated with sanitation work in India and earn their livelihood by cleaning the human waste at various public convenience centers or other venues.  (…)

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India: Sonia blesses United Nations-bound manual scavengers

Kay Benedict, Friday, May 30, 2008

The 28 women will walk the ramp at the UN with top models on July 1 

(…) Bindeshwar Pathak, founder of NGO Sulabh International, which played a major role in changing the fate of the scavengers, said, “Mrs Gandhi blessed them and wished them all the success. They were very happy to see Mrs Gandhi.” “Till 2003, they were carrying human excreta in Alwar, Rajasthan. They were liberated and since then have been given education and training in fashion technology, beauty treatment, stitching, making papads, noodles, etc,” Pathak said. (…)

(…) The event will take place in one of the general assembly halls where ministers and officials from more than 150 countries will be present. A book titled Princesses of Alwar and containing success stories of these women will also be released on the occasion. (…) The economic and social council of the UN, which is celebrating 2008 as International Year of Sanitation, invited Sulabh to bring the 28 scavengers and present a cultural programme at the UN. The two-hour programme includes a 15-minute lecture by a UN official and a 15-minute film on scavenging. (…)

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