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Why cities are starting to shun sewers

Why cities are starting to shun sewers. Ozy.com, March 4, 2018.

On the outskirts of Bangalore, India’s tech capital, an office doubles as a museum of the toilet. An exhibit in one room traces the history of sanitation, from ancient Mesopotamian sewers to Europe’s first flush toilets and the modern sewer systems built to process the waste they spurt out. sanergy

Then, another exhibit turns to the global sanitation crisis — including a sculpture of naked babies representing the half-million children under 5 who die from diarrhea annually — and technologies to tackle it.

CDD Society, the nonprofit housing the display, wants Indians to think outside the sewer. It has built India’s first citywide fecal sludge treatment plant, which turns human excreta into compost with no electricity and no connection to an underground sewer.

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India, Chennai: court to monitor steps taken to abolish manual cleaning of drains

The Madras high court has decided to personally monitor the steps taken by the Metrowater and Municipal Administration department to do away with the practice of manual cleaning of sewerage in the state.

The first bench comprising Chief Justice M Yusuf Eqbal and Justice TS Sivagnanam was passing orders on a contempt of court petition, which said the court-appointed special committee comprising senior officers and the petitioner was not taking the issue of manual cleaning of sewers seriously and that no concrete decisions had been taken by the committee.

The petition, filed by A Narayanan, referred to deaths of workers who got asphyxiated after entering into manholes in different parts of the city. Though the civic authorities contended that they had stopped the practice and had purchased machines for the purpose, several deaths were reported even after that, the petitioner said.

In September 2009, the court formed a special committee and asked it to suggest steps to improve the drainage system and maintain the overall environment clean in cities and villages. Though the committee was supposed to submit its report in two months, it got six more months to submit it.

As no meaningful progress was made by the committee, Narayanan filed the present contempt petition.

The bench, considering the seriousness of the issue, said henceforth it would monitor further course of action, and directed the committee to hold its meeting in the first week of August [2010] itself. A preliminary report as to the steps taken should also be filed, it said.

The judges then posted the matter to August 17 for further proceedings.

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Source: Times of India, 29 Jul 2010

Africa: clogged by plastic bags, Africa begins banning them

22 Jan 2008, Source Weekly

Several African countries have taken bold new measures to tackle the region’s severe waste-management problems. Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda have passed laws banning or restricting the use of a main culprit: the ordinary plastic grocery bag. Kenya is expected to follow suit.

The bags are more than a nuisance. Blocked sewers help spread disease. Farmers complain that precious livestock are choking to death on plastic bags, ruining their livelihoods, while rubbish-strewn streets and countryside are counter-productive for Kenya’s tourism-based economy.

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