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Germany: Metalheads get their own personal toilet

The personal Metal Mobil WC, 2012 model. Photo: Wacken.com

Nowadays some (older?) fans of black metal, death metal, gothic metal and the like are not averse to a bit of luxury. Since 2007, the organisers of Wacken Open Air (W:O:A), an annual heavy metal festival in Germany, offer attendees the chance to rent a personal mobile toilet. Costing 120 Euros each, there are 150 MMWCs (Metal Mobil WCs) on offer. The MMWC provider will clean your toilet too, for an additional 25 Euros.

In 2011 all 150 personal toilets were booked within 4 hours, according to the festival web site.

The vast majority of the 80,000 festival goers will still have to queue, as usual, in front of the public mobile toilets available for free on the festival site.

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From high water table sanitation to music festival latrines

One place to get answers to questions about sanitation technologies is the WaterSanitationHygiene.org Forum.

Recent topics that sanitation practitioners have tackled are listed below.

Sanitation options in locations with a high water table

This question produced examples of options used in the Philippines, Haiti and Myanmar, and background material (3 Powerpoint presentations) from Oxfam.

Drawing: Oxfam

PeePoo bags

Are PeePoo bidegradable toilet bags suitable for use in emergencies?

Non-chemical latrines for music festivals

Suggestions came from Portugal where composting latrines and separate urinals for men and women were installed, and from the distributor of the commercially available women’s urinal the Shewee-inal.

Latrine emptying

Oxfam provided the technical details of their Poo-Pump (Manual Desludging Hand Pump – MDHP) in response to a question about latrine emptying options.

Poo Pump. Photo: Oxfam