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The Sanitary Movement – A John Snow Epilogue

Published on Dec 5, 2015

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John Snow’s report on the causes of cholera provided yet more evidence of the dangers of filthy cities. Cities had always been unhealthy places to live, generally with a higher death rate than birth rate, but fixing them just wasn’t the focus of an agricultural world economy. The Industrial Revolution in the 1700s brought more people to the cities, and suddenly, cities had to grow in order to maintain the vastly expanded manufacturing and shipping operations of the new era.

Edwin Chadwick published a report about the sewage in city streets and clearly explaining the need to remove it. His report led to legislation that created local health boards and drove the construction of complex sewer systems. These sewers were massive, expensive undertakings that, even today, remain the foundation of many large modern cities. They reduced diseases across the board and saved countless human lives, part of a legacy that John Snow would be proud of.

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United Kingdom – Pioneering cholera scientist celebrated

Health secretary Alan Johnson is leading a tribute in memory of the pioneering Victorian scientist who helped banish cholera from Britain and the rest of Europe.

Anaesthetist John Snow, who died 150 years ago aged 45, showed that cholera was transmitted in water, not air.

After mapping the pattern of cholera deaths in London, he identified a water pump in Soho as the source of the epidemic and took direct action to disable it.

The tribute, jointly organised by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) and the charity WaterAid, is taking place at the John Snow pub in Soho where the pump once stood.

Mr Johnson will be joined by TV news anchorman Jon Snow and others bearing the same surname for the event. Glasses of clean, uncontaminated water will be served to all the guests in honour of the man whose foresight saved millions of lives.

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