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Flushing Away Poverty – Toilet Twinning Launched

Many water charities have sprung up within the last year that are using the Internet and associated social media to raise funds for projects in developing countries. With their Toilet Twinning campaign, UK-based CORD is one of the first to focus on raising money to build latrines.

Toilet Twinning links toilets around the world with those being built in Burundi by families returning from exile in Tanzania. For £60 (US$ 98 or € 70) people, schools or organisations can “twin” their toilets with one in a Rutana Province village – and track it down to its exact location via Google Earth. “Twinners” receive a special one off certificate to display in their toilets picturing their twin, its exact location and Google map reference.

Improving water and sanitation is key to CORD’s programme in remote Giharo Commune. Over the past 18 months CORD helped local returnees to build 870 pit latrines, each benefiting a family of six. With their campaign CORD plans to double that number. Blocks of toilets have also been built at 3 primary schools and alongside water points.

The first 500 Twinnings are on sale now via a special CORD website: www.toilettwinning.org. English singer Corinne Bailey Rae and the Bishop of Coventry are two famous toilet twinners featured on the web site.

Bishop of Coventry Rt. Reverend Christopher Cocksworth. Photo: CORD

Bishop of Coventry Rt. Reverend Christopher Cocksworth. Photo: CORD

The site has a range a fun and serious stuff abouts toilets and sanitation, including a link to another fundraising campaign led by former Las Vegas singer Gino Federici who now “sings for toilets”.

And for those would love to gift a toilet but find CORD’s £ 60 a bit too expensive, they can go to Oxfam who will “build a bog” for £50 (US$ 82 or € 59) and cheaper still, sister organisation Oxfam Novib in the Netherlands, will build the same “bog” for only € 45 (£ 38 = US$ 63)!

Source: CORD, 09 Jun 2009