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Dry Toilet 2012 Conference in Tampere

Finnish cartoonist Seppo has produced this great cartoon about the Dry Toilet 2012 Conference in Tampere, which ends today.

If there is a shortage of clean water, it may not be a wise idea to to pee and poo into it.

Cartoon: Seppo Leinonen, www.seppo.net

India, Kerala: “Green Army” school hygiene cartoons

Cartoons promoting promoting hygiene and cleanliness on e-toilets. Photo: The Hindu

An Indian e-toilet manufacturer has partnered with a local animation institute to create hygiene promotion cartoons for schools.

Eram Scientific Solutions with Toonz Academy has created the “Green Army” cartoon characters to make students aware of cleanliness and hygiene. The characters were selected based on a competition conducted among the students of the academy.

Crow, the sweeper of nature, keeps the surroundings clean by eating up the organic wastes. Earthworm, known as the plough of farmers, ploughs the soil and keeps it fertile, frog eats up the insects, mushroom absorbs all the organic waste dissolving them in soil and the cat buries its excreta. These soldiers will reach out to various schools along with two more characters Shuchi and Joy, to teach the students about the necessity of keeping the place tidy.

The Green Army premiered at the South Govt Girls Higher Secondary School (GGHSS) in Ernakulam, Kerala, as part of the  suchi@school (Sustainable Comprehensive Hygiene Initiative) project. The project aims to ensure adequate sanitation facilities in all government and government-aided schools in Ernakulam district.

The cartoon characters can be seen on the walls of school model Delight e-toilets supplied to the Ernakulam school by Eram Scientific Solutions.

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Source: Green army all set for action!, The Hindu, 08 Aug 2011

Nepal: sanitation cartoons in 2008-2009 WASH Calendar

WASH CalendarA popular WASH calendar has been produced in Nepal since 2004/2005. On the occasion of the International Year of Sanitation, 2008 the government desk of the International Year of Sanitation under the Steering Committee for National Sanitation Action suggested to increase distribute WASH Calendar more widely. With the support of the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC) and WaterAid Nepal, 27,500 copies were published and distributed throughout the country to Government, Nepal WASH Group members and other stakeholders.

More cartoons are available on the WSSCC web site