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  1. Correction – early bird registration ends on January 15th not January 10th

  2. Dear Experts,

    I am Ta Hung Anh, a PhD Candidate from Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand, researching on the dissertation about Faecal Sludge Collect & Transport service.

    We would like you have your valuable participation in an online survey about the BUSINESS MODEL INNOVATION OF FAECAL SLUDGE COLLECT & TRANSPORT SERVICE by filling the questionnaire in this link:

    (1) Your opinion is very valuable to propose the innovative theoretical business model of this service.

    (2) By joining this survey, we hope you may gain some great ideas about business model innovation of this very promising business.

    (3) In case, you know any person may answer for this survey topic, kindly help to circulate/forward this email with the survey link to your community.

    All your contribution, comments, questions are very welcomed via my email:

    Thank you very much and we truly appreciate your kind participation.

    With best wishes and regards

  3. Do you fund programs in Uganda?

  4. Intrested to supply eco-friendly and easily disposable sanitary pads at very low price especially for rural women in all sizes.

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