Recent WASH & COVID-19 Resources

This page will be updated periodically with news, resources and research related to WASH and COVID-19.

April 3, 2020 Updates


Understanding hygiene promotion in the context of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak: UNICEF guidance note, March 2020. This note provides guidance on which aspects to consider when planning and implementing a hygiene promotion campaign as part of a broader risk communication and community engagement strategy.

Incorporating nudges into COVID-19 communication and prevention strategies. By Julia Rosenbaum, USAID WASHPaLS Project (FHI 360), March 2020. Global Handwashing Partnership Blog, March 2020. Nudges are physical cues that influence people to behave in a certain way, without particular messaging or promotion of any behavior.


Covid-19: why is hand washing so effective? The Guardian, April 1, 2020. With scientists still racing to find treatments for Covid-19, Nicola Davis speaks with Prof Pall Thordarson about why soap is so effective at deactivating Sars-CoV-2 and how this differs from hand sanitizer.


Coronavirus global health emergency. UN Water – This page brings together water and sanitation-related information from UN-Water Members and Partners in the light of the coronavirus global emergency.

COVID-19 resources. Wash’EM – Webinars, guides, videos, etc.

USAID – Publications, newsletters and reports on hygiene, handwashing and other issues related to disease prevention and control.

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