USAID WASH updates | Research on MHM, sanitation, nutrition, health


Factors associated with cutaneous ulcers among children in two yaws-endemic districts in Ghana. Infectious Diseases of Poverty, March 2020. Yaws is a chronic relapsing disease caused by Treponema pallidum subspecies pertunue, which can result in severe disability and deformities. Children below the age of 15 years in resource-poor communities are the most affected. Poor personal hygiene, overcrowding and lack of access to improved sanitary facilities are the factors that facilitate the transmission of yaws in the Awutu Senya West and Upper West Akyem districts.

Lessons from Rwanda on tackling unsafe drinking water and household air pollution. The Conversation, February 2020. DelAgua and the Ministry of Health evaluated which technologies could most effectively reduce drinking water contamination and indoor air pollution. They needed to be technologies that people would adopt, were durable, and could be maintained easily by community health workers.

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