Recent WASH reports, blogs and research

In addition to the reports and studies listed below, be sure to check out the latest updates to Globalwaters.orgMeet the Plumber Breaking Gender Norms in Côte D’IvoireWebinar Discusses the Use of Monitoring Data in WASH Sector Decision-Making and articles from Niger, Egypt, the African Water Association and Urban Links in USAID in the News. wateraid


Service delivery models for universal, safe and sustainable water services in Ethiopia. MWA, June 2019.

Planning Differently: Developing long-term, strategic plans for district-wide water, sanitation and hygiene services. MWA, May 2019.

Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of USAID/Nigeria’s Livelihoods Project Final Report, USAID, 2018.

The Next Frontier in Water Supply Service Delivery: An Assessment of the Performance of Water Sector Service Providers in Pourashavas in Bangladesh. World Bank, June 2019.

PRO-WASH Human Centered Design Workshop Tools. PRO-WASH, June 2019.

Ready for the Dry Years: Building resilience to drought in South-East Asia. UN ESCAP, 2019.

Policy Brief: How can Alternative Service Delivery improve water services? SIWI, July 2019.

Implementing the source-to-sea approach: A guide for practitioners. SIWI, July 2019.

Vietnam: Toward a Safe, Clean, and Resilient Water System. World Bank. 2019.


The link between mental health and safe drinking water behaviors in a vulnerable population in rural Malawi. BMC Psychology, July 2019.

WASH practices and its association with nutritional status of adolescent girls in poverty pockets of eastern India. BMC Women’s Health, BMC Women’s Health, July 2019.

What motivates open defecation? A qualitative study from a rural setting in Nepal. PLoS One, July 2019.

Effects of single and combined water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) interventions on nutritional status of children: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Italian Journal of Pediatrics, July 2019.

3D-printed clay-based ceramic water filters for point-of-use water treatment applications. Progress in Additive Manufacturing, July 2019.


Period Poverty Occurs in the United States, Too. Engineering for Change, July 2019.

UN High Level Political Forum 2019: an opportunity to protect the human rights of sanitation workers and manual scavengers. WaterAid, July 2019.

Digital exhibition on Women, Water and Work, curated by Living Waters Museum, a member of the Global Network of Water Museums, 2019.

Bill Frist: Lessons not learned in Congo’s Ebola outbreak. Fox News, July 2019

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