Weekly WASH research update – December 3, 2018


Cross-subsidies for improved sanitation in low income settlements: Assessing the willingness to pay of water utility customers in Kenyan cities. World Development, March 2019. Our findings suggest that in a sector that struggles to provide universal access to sanitation services, cross-subsidies may offer a means to support financing of safe sanitation for low-income households.

Moving Up the Ladder: Assessing Sanitation Progress through a Total Service Gap. Water, Nov 2018. This paper examines methodological options for calculating a ‘total service gap’, a measure that would combine data on each rung of the service ladder to quantify how far away each country is from universal safely managed services.

The natural environment: a critical missing link in national action plans on antimicrobial resistance. WHO Bulletin, Dec 2018. The natural environment presents a transmission route and a reservoir for resistant microorganisms and plays a significant role in the development of, and response to, antimicrobial resistance. Antimicrobial use in the livestock industry is driving the selection of resistant bacteria in farm animals, and while the causal link between antimicrobial use in livestock and the selection of resistance in humans is difficult to establish, there is evidence of an association.


Meeting the nutrition and water targets of the Sustainable Development Goals: achieving progress through linked interventions. CGIAR 2018. This paper describes the key water-nutrition linkages reflected in SDG 2 (end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture) and SDG 6 (ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all) as well as the opportunities and challenges to meet both these goals.

Developing a participatory management tool for user-friendly water sanitation and hygiene in healthcare facilities. WaterAid 2018. This report synthesizes key learning on making WASH in healthcare facilities more user-friendly, accessible and inclusive.


Solid waste: the next “Cinderella” of the WASH sector? IRCWASH, November 2018.

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