130 Sensitization tools for the 15th October Handwashing Day – PSEAU.org

This October 15, over two hundred million people gather together all over the world and celebrate Global Handwashing Day. Why such a big focus on handwashing? This simple action, when practiced regularly can significantly reduce the risk of illness and death from diarrheal disease and pneumonia. pseau_74x74_1

The theme of this year’s celebration, “Clean Hands-A Recipe for Health,” focuses on the links between handwashing and food – including food hygiene and nutrition. This reminds us to make handwashing a part of every meal.

If you are searching some sensitization tools, we suggest you to consult Pedag-eau, a big on-line database. http://www.pedag-eau.org

With the keyword “handwashing”, here the direct link for the
list of English tools on handwashing

list of French handwashing tools.

You will find video films, comics, teaching tools, and others. To ease your research between 130 tools, here a classification:

•  Posters, visual aid
•  Press article
•  Audio
•  Online courses, MOOC
•  Comics
•  Cartoons
•  Games
•  Phone Applications 
•  Educational material
•  Stories, tales
•  Films video 
•  Notes
•  Booklets, pamphlets
•  Manuals, Guides, Books
•  Reports

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