Kelly Alexander/CARE – World Water Day 2018: for world travelers and you

World Water Day 2018: for world travelers and you. by Kelly Alexander, Senior Learning and Influencing Advisor, Water+/CARE, March 20, 2018.

This week we recognize the state of the “World’s Water” with World Water Day (March 22nd). I hope this year, as in years past, we see many blogs, articles and stories about the challenge millions of people (mostly women and girls) face daily in finding, obtaining, or ensuring water (much less potable water) for themselves and their families. But, for those who know me, it comes as no surprise that today I want to talk about BOTTLED WATER. kellyalexander

For those of us who travel internationally, go to “the field” for work, or head to Cancún for vacation, we find ourselves in places where the water is unsafe to drink, or is not of reliable quality. (In our own cities water may or may not be safe or could be better, but this is not about “at home” bottled water consumption, not yet, anyway). Instead of relying on a mountain of plastic bottled water to keep us safe and hydrated on our travels, why don’t we use water filters?

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