New Reports from SHARE on hygiene, WASH/nutrition and handwashing

Recipe for Success: how policymakers can integrate WASH into actions to end malnutrition – In this report, Action Against Hunger, WaterAid and SHARE assert that the integration of action on nutrition and WASH is fundamental to the recipe for success. share

‘Unfit for human consumption’: a study of the contamination of formula milk fed to young children in East Java, Indonesia – A new paper, led by Sarah Gibson (LSHTM MSc student) highlights that 88% of bottle feeds tested in Indonesia were contaminated. The high levels of contamination found that bottles are an important faecal-oral exposure pathway resulting from poor hygiene practices during bottle preparation.

Mikono Safi formative research findings in Tanzania – MITU has produced a brief highlighting the key formative research findings for a behavior change intervention that promotes handwashing with soap. The formative work was trialed in three schools in the Kagera region, and provides useful insights that will inform the development of the main trial.


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