Recent WASH research – August 3, 2017

Report from the IMPRESS Workshop: ‘Incontinence Needs in LMICs’, July 30, 2017

‘Unfit for human consumption’: a study of the contamination of formula milk fed to young children in East Java, Indonesia. TMIH, July 3017. (ABSTRACT/ORDER) The high levels of contamination found highlight that bottles are an important fecal-oral exposure pathway resulting from poor hygiene practices during bottle preparation.

Sanitation practices and perceptions in Kakuma refugee camp, Kenya: Comparing the status quo with a novel service-based approach. PLoS One, July 2017. OPEN ACCESS


Behaviour change intervention to improve shared toilet maintenance and cleanliness in urban slums of Dhaka: a cluster-randomised controlled trial. TMIH, August 2017. (ABSTRACT/ORDER) In one of few efforts to promote shared toilet cleanliness, intervention compounds were significantly more likely to have cleaner toilets after six months. Future research might explore how residents can self-finance toilet maintenance, or employ mass media to reduce per-capita costs of behaviour change.

If I do not have enough water, then how could I bring additional water for toilet cleaning?! Addressing water scarcity to promote hygienic use of shared toilets in Dhaka, Bangladesh. TMIH, early view 2017. (ABSTRACT/ORDER)

Household sanitation is associated with lower risk of bacterial and protozoal enteric infections, but not viral infections and diarrhoea, in a cohort study in a low-income urban neighbourhood in Vellore, India. TMIH, early view, 2017. OPEN ACCESS

Improving the built environment in urban areas to control Aedes aegypti-borne diseases. WHO Bulletin, August 2017. OPEN ACCESS

Household and Individual Risk Factors for Cholera among Cholera Vaccine Recipients in Rural Haiti. AJTMH, August 2017. OPEN ACCESS

Identifying Potential Sources of Exposure Along the Child Feces Management Pathway: A Cross-Sectional Study Among Urban Slums in Odisha, India. AJTMH, early view. OPEN ACCESS

Optimizing Household Chlorination Marketing Strategies: A Randomized Controlled Trial on the Effect of Price and Promotion on Adoption in Haiti. AJTMH, July 2017. ABSTRACT/ORDER



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