WASH’NUTRITION 2017 GUIDEBOOK – Integrating water, sanitation, hygiene and nutrition to save lives

WASH’NUTRITION 2017 GUIDEBOOK – Integrating water, sanitation, hygiene and nutrition to save lives. Action Against Hunger.

The “WASH’Nutrition Practical Guidebook”  was developed to offer practical guidance to help practitioners design and implement programs in both humanitarian and development contexts. Undernutrition in all its forms is the underlying cause of an estimated 45 percent of all child deaths each year. 2017_acf_wash_nutrition_guidebook_bd_cover2

Evidence has shown that in many settings, there is a link between undernutrition and poor hygiene, poor sanitation and unsafe drinking water, emphasizing the need for integrated, multisectoral approaches to improving nutrition.

By compiling concrete programmatic examples in a variety of contexts, this manual provides guidance on how WASH activities can contribute to the reduction of undernutrition incidence, and also to the optimization of its treatment,” said Marie-Sophie Whitney, global nutrition expert with the EU Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations.

The “WASH’Nutrition Practical Guidebook” comprises six chapters, delving into key concepts relevant to WASH and nutrition, as well as existing evidence on the links between nutrition and WASH, practical guidance on implementing integrated programs, setting up monitoring and evaluation systems to measure progress and impact, and tools for advocacy and capacity building for projects and project staff.

The guidebook places special emphasis on integrating WASH and nutrition programs in humanitarian emergencies: safe drinking water and sanitation, in addition to food and shelter, are vital to safeguarding the health of communities affected by crisis. The guide also provides a resources section, which offers tools and examples from the field on how integration efforts may be placed within each phase of a classical project cycle.


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