Recent WASH research

Open Access

Underreporting of high-risk water and sanitation practices undermines progress on global targets. PLOS One, May 2017. Our analysis demonstrates the use of multiple options and widespread underreporting of high-risk practices. Mobile surveys offer a cost-effective and innovative platform to rapidly and repeatedly monitor critical development metrics.

Impact of an Intensive Perinatal Handwashing Promotion Intervention on Maternal Handwashing Behavior in the Neonatal Period: Findings from a Randomized Controlled Trial in Rural Bangladesh. BioMed Research International, April 2017. Intensively promoting handwashing with soap resulted in increased availability of soap and water at handwashing places, but only a modest increase in maternal handwashing with soap.

Investing in wastewater in Latin America can pay off. Water Blog, May 10, 2017. But recent advances in the sector present an opportunity to conduct basin-wide planning that promotes investments in wastewater that clearly identifies the downstream benefits of upstream investments, hence maximizing returns.

Drones in Humanitarian Action: A guide to the use of airborne systems in humanitarian crises, 2017. FSD. The most promising uses of drones include: Mapping; Delivering lightweight essential items to remote or hard to-access locations; Supporting damage assessments; Increasing situational awareness; Monitoring changes.


A critical mass analysis of community-based financing of water services in rural Kenya. Water Resources and Rural Development, May 2017. For the first time, this study applies critical mass theory to community waterpoint financial contributions in rural sub-Saharan Africa.

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