New WHO estimates on stunting; Dec 2016 WASH studies

UNICEF-WHO-The World Bank Group: Joint child malnutrition estimates – levels and trends: Key findings of the 2016 edition. WHO; UNICEF. In September 2016 the inter-agency team released new joint estimates of child stunting, overweight, underweight, wasting and severe wasting.

Trop Med Intl Health – Dec 2016

Is pregnancy a teachable moment to promote handwashing with soap among primiparous women in rural Bangladesh? Follow-up of a randomised controlled trial (Abstract/order)

Potential sources of bias in the use of Escherichia coli to measure waterborne diarrhoea risk in low-income settings(Abstract/order)

Rapid dipstick detection of Vibrio cholerae in household stored and municipal water in Dhaka, Bangladesh: CHoBI7 trial (Abstract/order)

Environmental Health Perspectives – December 2016

Salting the Earth: The Environmental Impact of Oil and Gas Wastewater Spills

Am Jnl Trop Med Hyg – Nov 2016

Effectiveness of Membrane Filtration to Improve Drinking Water: A Quasi-Experimental Study from Rural Southern India (Full text)

Early Childhood Diarrhea Predicts Cognitive Delays in Later Childhood Independently of Malnutrition(Abstract/order)

Herd Protection from Drinking Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Interventions (Abstract/order)

Improved Sanitation Facilities are Associated with Higher Body Mass Index and Higher Hemoglobin Concentration Among Rural Cambodian Women in the First Trimester of Pregnancy (Abstract/order)

Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2016, 13(12)

Assessment of Macro-Level Socioeconomic Factors That Impact Waterborne Diseases: The Case of Jordan (Full text)

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