SuSanA webinar: Improving Wikipedia’s sanitation content for online or offline use – Thurs 24 Nov, 9:00 am CET (Stockholm time)

Please join us for a webinar titled ‘Improving Wikipedia’s sanitation content for online or offline use’ scheduled for Thursday November 24th 2016 at 9:00 CET (Stockholm time).

This webinar will explore the importance and potential of Wikipedia for spreading information and awareness about sanitation topics, be it online or offine, in English or in other languages. It will show you how easy it is to become involved by improving Wikipedia content, which may be as simple as correcting typos or clarifying sentences, or more involved by creating new articles, adding images, adding new references or helping other editors. We will demonstrate how editing on Wikipedia is done, so that you can then try it out for yourself.

The webinar will also provide information about Kiwix, a free offline reader for Wikipedia content. Kiwix has created an App called “Wikimed App” which not only contains all medical content from Wikipedia but also more than 400 Wikipedia articles dealing with sanitation-related topics.

Finally, we will also introduce to you the Wikipedia “WikiProject Sanitation” which is a group of Wikipedians interested in improving Wikipedia’s coverage on sanitation related topics. This project began in December of 2014. The WikiProject Sanitation seeks to benefit the world by giving the general public and professionals in all areas that touch on sanitation topics (such as public health, infrastructure, water, agriculture, gender, environment, poverty, etc.) information which they can all read, appreciate, and respect, free of charge.


-Elisabeth von Münch – Community manager of SuSanA Discussion Forum, Wikipedian, leader of Wikipedia’s WikiProject Sanitation

-Stéphane Coillet-Matillon – Director of Kiwix, Wikipedian, former executive director of Wikimedia Switzerland

Schedule: The webinar will last approximately 45 minutes. It will start with two short inputs by the two presenters to set the scene (about 7 minutes each). After that, it will be a question & answer session with the participants, including hands-on tutorial session on how to edit Wikipedia. We will also open the session 30 minutes beforehand so you can test your video or microphone and meet other participants, and also submit your questions.

Some example questions that have already been submitted and which will be addressed include:

  • How does Wikipedia actually work?
  • What are the benefits of crowd-sourced information?
  • How good is the information?
  • What are the system’s built in protections against poor quality info?
  • How do Wikipedia articles compare with peer-reviewed articles?
  • How can SuSanA partners enhance organizational learning and expand the knowledge base through Wikipedia?
  • How does editing work and how does one get started with editing?

The webinar is being hosted by Stockholm Environment Institute and the SuSanA secretariat as part of a grant to SEI funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Example times:

0:00 (midnight) Seattle or Los Angeles (USA)
3:00 am New York (USA), Quito (Ecuador)
8:00 am London (UK)
9:00 am Stockholm (Sweden)
10:00 am Nairobi (Kenya)
13:30 pm New Delhi (India)
15:00 pm Hanoi (Vietnam)
19:00 pm Sydney (Australia)

Check your local times here:

Registration and access link:

To register for the webinar please follow this link:

More information:


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