Calgary artist’s potty humour artwork aims to lift lid on world sanitation issues

Calgary artist’s potty humour artwork aims to lift lid on world sanitation issues | Source: CBC.Ca, July 6 2016 |

Erin Moffatt’s rainbow-coloured poop art catches attention of local charity and W. Brett Wilson

Calgary artist Erin Moffatt took what she called a “crappy” situation and turned it into the piles of colourful nuggets at the centre of her artwork with the hope of drawing attention to a cause close to her heart.


Erin Moffatt, a laid off engineer, started a new business with a line of artwork called Poop Heart, to help raise awareness of poor sanitation in impoverished countries.

Moffatt, 35, a U of C graduate, lost her job as a mechanical engineer in the oil and gas industry at the start of the economic downturn last year. She turned to her artsy side and a hobby to create the line of artwork and novelty items called Poop Heart.

The goal of Moffatt’s potty humour was first to solve a bathroom decorating problem, but it evolved into an idea she’s passionate about, educating people about sanitation problems in impoverished countries. Her knowledge of the Calgary-based organization, Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation (CAWST) inspired her.

Until she wraps up her Kickstarter fundraiser by July 11, 10 per cent of the proceeds go to CAWST, but she’s aiming for much more than that in the future.

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