SuSanA webinar: Opportunities and challenges of achieving WASH behaviour change, April 28th

Please join us for a webinar on ‘Opportunities and challenges of achieving WASH behaviour change’ scheduled for April 28th 2016 at 7:00 EDT (Washington time). This is the first webinar in a monthly recurring series on SuSanA.

This webinar will focus on a discussion of achieving WASH behavior change using a ‘low-key’ format to encourage discussion with participants.

The webinar will bring together speakers who will present their perspectives on how we can improve WASH behavior change. First, we will learn about how we can do a better job of leveraging the influence of community leaders to change some of the social and cultural norms that prevent uptake of healthy WASH behaviors. The role of both formal and informal leaders will be explored, as well as how to extend this collaboration beyond CLTS to incorporate it more into other WASH approaches. To launch a conversation about how the topic of behavior change can be furthered within the SuSanA network, we will also discuss how learning and exchange about behavior change can take place on the SuSanA platform.


Emily Endres – Results for Development Institute
Hanna Woodburn – Global Public-Private Partnership for Handwashing

The webinar will include two 10 minute presentations from the speakers and half an hour time for questions and discussion with webinar participants. We will also open the session 30 minutes beforehand for a low-key ‘mingle’ among participants, where you can use your computer video or microphone.

The webinar is being hosted by Stockholm Environment Institute and the SuSanA secretariat as part of a grant to SEI funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

7:00 New York
12:00 London
13:00 Stockholm
14:00 Nairobi
18:00 Hanoi

Registration details:
Link for registration:

Follow the thematic discussion on working with community leaders to change WASH behaviors…hange-wash-behaviors

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