Unlocking resilience through autonomous innovation

Unlocking resilience through autonomous innovation, 2016. ODI.

Authors: Aditya Bahadur and Julian Doczi

This paper draws on alternative approaches to innovation to present the concept of Autonomous Innovation as an important approach/process for enhancing resilience to range of shocks and stresses, including climate change.

Autonomous innovations have five key characteristics: they are inductive (bottom-up); indigenous and suited to local cultural norms; inexpensive and frugal; developed through subjective processes that rely on the innovator’s intuition; and entail a high degree of iteration through trial and error.

This is in contrast with innovations arising from more structured, expert-led and resource-intensive research and development processes and standardised business procedures.


One response to “Unlocking resilience through autonomous innovation

  1. French
    C’est toute la complexité d’un système qui entretient la confusion entre l’invention et l’innovation.
    L’invention est issue de l’esprit d’une personne, indépendante de sa volonté, savoir ce que la personne découvre réellement car c’est assez flou, un surréaliste.
    L’innovation est au contraire une vision immédiate de l’esprit en train d’effectuer une chose répétitive depuis des années et dont une solution pour améliorer l’accès, la manipulation, l’utilisation voir la performance surgit spontanément.
    Le monde d’aujourd’hui interdit l’invention pour de multiples raisons et par contre coup favorise l’innovation.
    L’invention révolutionne la vie de tous les jours sur une durée illimité, l’innovation fait feu de tout bois pour se consumer et disparaitre très vite, à l’image de notre vie actuelle
    This is the complexity of a system that maintains the confusion between invention and innovation.
    The invention comes from the mind of a person , independent of his will, know what the person actually discovered because it is quite blurry, surreal .
    Innovation is on the contrary an immediate vision of the mind in the process of performing a repetitive thing for years and that a solution to improve access , handling , use, see the performance arises spontaneously .
    The world today banned the invention for many reasons and blow against fosters innovation .
    The invention revolutionized everyday life on an unlimited term , innovation is firing on all cylinders to burn and disappear very quickly, in the image of our present life

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