The snails spreading fever across Africa

The snails spreading fever across Africa | Source: CNN Health, Feb 9, 2016 |

According to WHO, 90% of those requiring treatment for schistosomiasis live in Africa, but most of them live around lake and river regions. The factor helping the disease persist, is poor sanitation. snails

“The problem that sub Saharan Africa has is a lack of fresh water, safe water, and adequate sanitation,” says Fenwick. “People who need to urinate and defecate tend to do so on the open ground, and their excreta can be washed into water where the eggs will then infect snails.”

Infections primarily affect young children, but symptoms can take years to appear, making finding and treating those infected a challenge.

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One response to “The snails spreading fever across Africa

  1. French English
    Ok pour cette démonstration
    Mais qu’en est il des systèmes d’assainissement qui n’ont en réalité aucun traitement d’élimination de la pollution des excréments ou de l’urine.
    Ces pollutions ne font que transiter du lieu de la défécation jusqu’au lieu de leur dispersion dans l’environnement sans subit aucun traitement d’épuration autre que le séparatif.
    Tous les assainissement sud monde rejettent leur reliquat d’eau, tel quel, dans les milieux hydrauliques naturels. Ceux qui utilisent le principe séparatif stockent les excréments sur des bâches au vent et à la pluie qui dispersent dans l’environnement la dite pollution.
    On investit des sommes colossales dans l’assainissement pour rester dans la même configuration que la défécation à l’air libre mais sous une forme déguisée de salubrité publique.
    Ok for this demonstration
    But what about the sanitation systems that have really no treatment for the elimination of pollution of feces or urine .
    These pollutions are only transiting the place of defecation to the place of their dispersal in the environment without undergoing any purification treatment other than divisive .
    All South sanitation world reject their remaining water , as is, in natural water environments. Those who use the separative principle store excrement on sheets to the wind and rain that disperse in the environment the so-called pollution.
    huge sums are invested in sanitation to stay in the same configuration as defecation in the open but in a disguised form of public health.

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