USAID solicitation – Sustainable WASH Systems

This BAA serves to inform the public of the opportunity for potential funding from USAID to address the sustainability of WASH service delivery.  The BAA includes specific requirements for evaluation criteria and administrative information, such as formatting and deadlines.

USAID and other development organizations struggle with the sustainability of their WASH sector investments.  Over the last 20 years, failed hand pumps in Africa represent a total lost investment of between $1.2 and $1.5 billion, with 30-40% of rural water systems failing prematurely, and more than half of all subsidized toilets are unused, misused or abandoned. usaid-logo-jpg

Fewer than 5% of WASH projects are visited after project conclusion.  USAID defines sustainable WASH as being “achieved when country partners and communities take ownership of the service and there are local systems to deliver inputs needed to maintain results and deliver impacts beyond the life of USAID projects.”

Through the BAA process, USAID seeks to address the lack of sustainability of WASH programming by partnering with one or more organizations with advanced technical knowledge of the WASH sector and systems analysis.

This partnership will design, develop, and test a new methodology for using systems analysis, multi-stakeholder initiatives and continuous learning and information dissemination to improve the impact and sustainability of USAID WASH programming.

The Performance Objective is to develop and test a systems-based methodology for improved sustainability in WASH programming that will be used to better understand and engage the local system in their WASH activities.

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