Sarphati Sanitation Awards 2015 – Get to know the Nominees


Creating innovative solutions to solve the worldwide sanitation problem is what connects the four aspiring nominees for the Sarphati Sanitation Award for Young Entrepreneurs 2015. They are all inspirational examples of how the challenge of providing proper sanitation for everyone can be tackled, simply (Goal #6 of the Sustainable Development Goals) by taking a business approach.

In 2013, World Waternet, Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) and Aqua for All initiated the biennial Sarphati Sanitation Award (SSA) to honor the outstanding contribution of individuals or organizations to the global sanitation challenge through entrepreneurship.

Sarphati Sanitation Awards 2015

In 2015, the Sarphati Sanitation Award for Young Entrepreneurial Sanitation Businesses will be awarded on November 2nd, during the dinner at the opening ceremony of the Amsterdam International Water Week. At the same time, a second award, the Sarphati Sanitation Award for Life Time Achievement, was installed. An independent Jury decided to give this Life Time Achievement Award to Dr Kamal Kar, the founder of the CLTS Foundation, for his ongoing and successful efforts to change the unsuccessful practice of constructing subsidized toilets, and replace it by a focus on awareness and knowledge building amongst poor communities with open defecation practice. For the Sarphati Sanitation Award for Young Entrepreneurial Sanitation Businesses, the Jury decided to publicly honour four initiatives, by inviting them to participate in the opening ceremony of the Amsterdam International Water Week, and give them the floor during the Sarphati Sanitation workshop which will be held on Tuesday November 3rd, from 14:05 to 15:25 and is organised by Aqua for All and SuSanA.

The four nominees are:

FINISH Society:
Network of organizations, operating in 10 states in India producing one toilet every four minutes by offering households smart finance solutions for the construction of good quality shared or private toilets;

Samagra: Operates toilet blocks in India and stimulates hygienic behavior with a reward system;

ZanaAfrica: Provides adolescent girls in Kenya with sanitary pads so they can stay in school;

SafiSana: Collects toilet- and organic waste from slums in Accra, Ghana, to produce organic fertilizer and biogas.

Prior to the Sarphati Sanitation workshop, the SuSanA Secretariat Hosts a Forum discussion with the four Nominees for this Award which will give you the opportunity to get to know the young entrepreneurial businesses and their innovative business approaches towards sustainable sanitation Solutions – please join the online discussion here:

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