Final Report from Celebrating Womanhood: Menstrual Hygiene Management conference

ImageWSSCC is pleased to announce publication of Celebrating Womanhood: How better menstrual hygiene management is the path to better health, dignity and business, the final report from the International Women’s Day event arranged in Geneva in March 2013 by WSSCC.  

In addition, if you are participating in the 28-30 May “Women Deliver” conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, you are cordially invited to attend our events, including the Menstrual Hygiene Management Lab, and a 29 May side meeting on menstrual hygiene management featuring the following speakers:

  • Lucinda O’Hanlon, Human Rights Officer, Women’s Rights and Gender Section, OHCHR
  • Venkatraman Chandra-Mouli, Scientist, Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health, Department of Reproductive Health and Research, World Health Organisation (WHO)
  • Racheal Meiers, Director, HERproject, BSR
  • Beth Outterson, Advisor, Adolescent Reproductive Health, Save the Children
  • Lisa Schechtman, Head of Policy and Advocacy, WaterAid in America
  • Archana Patkar, Programme Manager, WSSCC

For more information on how to Break the Silence around menstrual hygiene management, visit

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