Global market for household cleaning agents to reach US$ 83.23 billion by 2015, according to business analysts

Growing concerns about hygiene and the spread of infectious diseases are expected to boost the market for household cleaners in emerging economies such as China, India, Indonesia, Brazil and Mexico, according to a new report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc (GIA).

Increased consumer focus on satisfying safety, social, and self-actualization needs, especially by enabling safe food storage, disinfecting household surfaces, controlling garbage in a hygienic manner and by improving sanitary conditions are driving gains into the global household cleaners market. Rapid proliferation of lifestyle gurus and home experts across the globe are also driving consumers to take household maintenance to a next level, thereby encouraging them to use advanced household cleaning and safety products.

The report emphasises the importance of advertising for the household cleaners industry, which is increasingly using social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

GIA published “Household cleaners : a global industry outlook” in January 2012. It costs US$ 1450.

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Source:, 08 Feb 2012

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