35th WEDC International Conference – Call for Papers

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of WEDC in 2011, we are delighted to invite you to Loughborough University, where WEDC is based, for the 35th WEDC International Conference: “The future of water, sanitation and hygiene in low-income countries: Innovation, adaptation and engagement in a changing world” , to be held from 6-8 July 2011.

WEDC is one of the world’s leading education and research institutes for developing knowledge and capacity in water and sanitation for sustainable development and emergency relief. The WEDC International Conference is a practitioner and research focused conference, exchanging knowledge and experiences in the water and sanitation sector. We particularly encourage delegates from low-income countries, and those from the public and private sectors, Higher Education and research institutes, donors and bi-lateral agencies and NGO practitioners to submit papers.

Sponsorship Opportunities:
The 35th WEDC International Conference would also like to offer the opportunity for international organisations to sponsor the conference. There are many possible ways of doing this, for example, by providing support for delegates from low-income countries. For further details, please see http://www.wedcconference.co.uk/sponsorship.html

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