Uganda: toilet dispute ends in murder

Police in Eastern Uganda are holding a 38-year-old farmer in connection with the murder of his cousin following a dispute about the construction of a pit latrine.

Rogers Wepukhulu of Wabagayi village, Sibanga sub-county, allegedly hit Moses Wabuyi, a primary school teacher in Kayunga district, with a metal bar after a disagreement.

Wabuyi reportedly wanted to construct a pit-latrine at his home.

However, Wepukhulu refused the Fuso lorry truck delivering the bricks for the construction to pass through his garden.

Wabuyi forced his way through the garden and proceeded to report the matter to Sibanga Police Post.

When Wepukhulu learnt that Wabuyi had reported the matter to the Police, he hit him with a metal bar, killing him instantly.

Wabuyi’s relatives attacked Wepukhulu’s home and threatened to burn down his houses and kill his animals.

The Police are guarding the home to prevent any attack.

Eastern region Police spokesman Iddi Ssenkumbi said the suspects will be charged with murder.

Source: Moses Bikala, New Vision /, 30 Dec 2009

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