Zambia – Public Health attributes dirt to lack of enforcement of law

National Deputy Director of Public Health and Research, Fordson Nyirenda says lack of enforcement of the law results in accumulation of filth in most districts around the country.

Mr. Nyirenda said lack of enforcement of the Food and Drugs Act, the Public Health Act and the Trade Licensing Act among others, put consumers at risk of getting preventable diseases.

He bemoaned the current filthy status of most districts in the country which he said were a major contributing factor to poor health indicators considering the high prevalence rates of preventable diseases.

Mr. Nyirenda called for the resumption of regular medical examinations for all food handlers countrywide as provided for by the law after realizing that the number of defaulters was high in Livingstone and other districts.

Meanwhile, Livingstone Principal Resident Magistrate Davis Mumba called for a reduction in donor dependency in programs aimed at improving sanitation and uplifting the standard of living for Zambians.

Magistrate Mumba urged law enforcement officers to deal with people that were deliberately breaking the law with impunity like illegal retail traders.

He encouraged health inspectors in collaboration with other stakeholders to conduct regular inspections of public premises to ensure strict adherence to the law.

Magistrate Mumba said this today during the closure of the Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS)-Legal Enforcement workshop at Woodlands Lodge in Livingstone.

The workshop was held from 4th -7th August with support from UNICEF and managed to close Murdochs Model Bakery, Maramba Confectionary and a number of bars, taverns and other trading places for operating under unsanitary conditions and for violating the law.

Source – Lusaka Times

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