Namibia – Bucket Toilets Are No More in Aranos

WINDHOEK – The village of Aranos in the Hardap Region no longer has the bucket toilet system, unlike other village councils like Gibeon in the same region.

The last of the bucket toilet system was phased out in 1995 and was replaced by the pumping or slopping system, whereby each house has its own drain.

According to the chief executive officer of the village, Niklaas !Goraseb, all residents that built their houses through the build-together programme were able to build a toilet.

The informal settlements at the town have the Ecological Sanitation System, also known as the EcoSan system, or dry toilets, which do not use water.

!Goraseb said 40 EcoSan toilets were already built for the informal township, while 40 more are earmarked for building.

The CEO however said the village would be better off if it had the flowing sewerage system whereby the sewerage goes straight to a central sewerage pond and thus phase out the sewerage collection by trucks.

“Although the pumping system is better than the old bucket system, it is also costly as the trucks have to be replaced or maintained every three years,” !Goraseb said.

According to !Goraseb, the tanks carrying the sewerage are damaged by the urine in the sewerage and thus have to be replaced often, which is a costly exercise.

He said installing the flowing system would be very costly for the small village. A feasibility study by one engineering company gave a quote of N$12,5 million.

“We sent the quotation to the Minister of Regional and Local Government, Housing and Rural Development last month already and are waiting to hear from his office,” he said.

Another plan that the village has is to build a dam, so that it has its own water and does not depend too much on NamWater for water.

Aranos is inhabited by around 7 000 people of whom 60 percent are unemployed.

!Goraseb noted that some of the inhabitants depend on casual work on neighbouring farms.

The village has five schools, a hospital, police station, a court, an agricultural and veterinary office, Pep Stores, Nampost and an Agra store.

Source – New Era

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