Botswana – BCP candidate targets pit latrines in Gaborone

Botswana Congress Party (BCP) parliamentary aspirant for Gaborone West South, Abbey Chengeta has vowed to tackle the problem of pit latrines in SHHA areas of the constituency.

Speaking at his launch over the weekend, Chengeta said that it was disheartening that the Gaborone City Council (GCC) and the Ministry of Wildlife, Environment and Tourism has failed to come up with a solution to phase out pit latrines in Gaborone West.

Chengeta said that Botsalo Ntuane the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) Specially Elected MP, who is standing for elections in the area and the incumbent legislator Robert Molefhabagwe of the Botswana National Front (BNF) have failed to speak out about the problem of pit latrines in Parliament. “Ntuane and Molefhabangwe have to come to the people and explain what they have been doing since 2004,” said Chengeta. He added that pit latrines are a health hazard and must be phased out urgently.

Chengeta accused the ruling party of terrorising street vendors because it is ashamed of them.

“What is embarrassing about being a street vendor?,” he asked. He suggested that government should consider building stalls for street vendors because they contribute to the country’s economy as part of the informal sector.

The BCP secretary general, Taolo Lucas who was launching Chengeta and council candidates urged residents of Gaborone West South not to vote for Ntuane as BDP members are not allowed to speak freely against the government. “There is no use in voting a BDP MP,” said Lucas.

He said the BDP leadership has targeted Parliament and now it has its eyes on the media. He cited the controversial Media Practitioners’ Act. Lucas complained that the state TV station has been turned into a BDP campaign tool because every week, it features President Ian Khama and Vice President Mompati Merafhe launching party candidates.

Lucas applauded Chengeta for joining BCP after he retired from Bank of Botswana. He said Chengeta has made a big sacrifice compared to other top civil servants whom he labelled opportunists who join the BDP for person gain.

Lucas acknowledged that although the BCP did not command a lot of support in the constituency, the people must stand up and help it win elections. “If a party is able to manage itself well you have to stand up and help it,” he said.

Speaking at the rally, Gaborone Central MP Dumelang Sashando attacked BNF stating that the party was not fit to participate in the upcoming general elections because it is still busy with internal fighting.

Saleshando said that while the BCP was launching its candidates, the BNF is still waiting for the High Court to declare who the party’s election candidates are. He said the BNF history is basically about internal fighting. He said that unlike the BDP and BNF, his party has written policies that to be implemented once it assumes state power. He said the BDP is run through Khama’s four Ds while the BNF is still boasting about Pamphlet No.1 which talks about the Cold War.

Source – Mmegi Online

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