Nepal: Sanitation Brand Ambassador, actress Jharana Thapa, on campaign

In September 2008, famous Nepali actress Jharana Thapa was nominated Sanitation Brand Ambassador by the End Water Poverty Campaign. In November 2008 she participated in the South Asian Conference on Sanitation (SACOSAN) III held in New Delhi, India, where she stressed to establish sanitation as a basic right.After her participation in the conference, Jharana Thapa is not only involved in making speeches on sanitation. Whenever she visits villages for shooting or [a] personal visit nowadays, she asks, “Is there a toilet or not? Is it clean or not? “Do you wash your hands with soap and water after going to the toilet?” […] “Due to toilet problem, many girl students do not drink water during school hours,” said Jharana, adding, “The girl students feel uncomfortable during periods and toilet problem might cause mental problem.” Jharana advises the girl students not to feel ashamed and talk to the school management to arrange separate toilets for them.

Jharana herself has experiences of problems a woman has to face for not having a toilet. Jharana said, “I also had to search for a toilet in many places while in outdoor shooting locations. So, I am arranging for a mobile toilet in my home production to be used in shooting. She added, “I am also initiating to include social messages of sanitation in my films.”

Source: Nepal Samacharpatra / NGO Forum, 18 Feb 2009

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