Ethiopia: Researchers to Tighten Gap in Water, Sanitation Policies

Adama — Researches and intensive discussions help to tighten the gap between policy issues of the Water and Sanitation Sector (WSS), said the Research, Development and Coordination Department of the Ministry of Water Resource.

At the consultative forum held on Friday under the theme of “Financing WASH” in Adama, Abity Getaneh, Department’s Irrigation and Drainage Research Coordinator in the Ministry, said Ethiopia has a huge benefit to earn from both researchers and practitioners of the WSS. “A host of institutions across the country are now deeply involved in providing teaching, research, and practical inputs to learning process in the sector” he said.

Abity on the one day consultative meeting added that a number of active networks and forum are improving sector coordination and enhancing the overall understanding of the challenges in the implementation of sustainable water and sanitation services.

The purpose of the Forum for Learning on Water and Sanitation (FLoWS) is providing an umbrella under which learning across networks forum can be shared more effectively and specifically as well as fostering sector understanding of the multi-stakeholder forum point. This will strengthen the capacity for the Ethiopian WSS sector to link learning and research to key policy processes across the year and support delivery of Multi-Stake holders Forum (MSF) undertakings.

Read More – Daily Monitor

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