Ghana – Engineer Invents Revolutionary Sanitation System

When Ghana joined the United Nations General Assembly in declaring 2008 the International Year of Sanitation, most thought the year would be spent merely removing the stigma around sanitation issues so that awareness could eventually flourish into solutions. Basically, only a few people imagined a solution was readily available.

Kweku Anno, manager of Anno Engineering Ltd., has developed an environmentally friendly, stench-free way of disposing sewage.

In his keynote address at the launching of Anno’s Biofil Digester in June, Professor Ralph Mills-Tettey, registrar of the Architects Registration Council of Ghana, explained that sanitation issues in Ghana are impacting more than just noses (to smell the stench).

“Ghana is witnessing a population explosion in our towns and cities, and sanitation- related inadequacies contributing to poor health are the predisposing factors in over sixty percent of diseases reported”, Mills-Tettey said.

More – The Statesman

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  1. well done Sir

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